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Offset - 1.15

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iOS redesigned to have slightly offset icons.

Currently supporting over 280 icons.

Icon Requests can be made here.

Icon Requests

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  1. Icon Requests fulfilled


  1. Fixed an issue where Offset wouldn't update properly


  1. Added a bunch more icons


  1. Added Enlight Photofox, EA Connected


  1. Added Xbox


  1. Added TCGPlayer, Skype for iPhone, Xing, Commerzbank PhotoTAN, Outbank – 360° Banking, Commerzbank Banking, The ToDoist


  1. Added FlipFlop Solitaire, Forest, Zombies Run!, Bacon, Egg, Inc., Brushing Hero, PowerApp, Day One, Infuse Pro 5, Instapaper, Lyft, Microsoft One Drive, Pages, Sago Mini World, Zebra Package Manager, AppDB, Things, Dropbox, Drive Ahead!, Microsoft To-do
  2. Updated BBVA to the new icon


  1. Settings icon was not fixed in 1.7, so pushed a silent update (Make sure you place Offset Main - Theme at the very top, shuffle settings icons are messing with the main icons making them smaller)


  1. Added Bayit Cam, Documents by Readdle, Bank of America, Garmin Connect
  2. Fixed settings Icon, it was not aligned like the rest of the icons
  3. Added Offset - Underlay for an awesome card-like effect behind the icons


  1. Added Outlook, My Mixtapez, Rap Genius, Scanbot, Photoshop Express, Playstation, Playstation Messages, MOLDIV, Snowboard, Snapback, Trolldrop, Pronote, Audio Recorder, FedEx, T-Mobile Tuesdays, Charles Schwab, NESNgo, APS, Smartlife, LinkedIn, Duo, T-Mobile, Slick Deals, Waze, Redbox, Postmates, Hot New Hip Hop, Grubhub, UPS, ABC 15, Vanguard, Arrive, Venmo, Analog: Jeju, Tokyo, Paris, Seoul, Wedding, Brooklyn, Call Recorder, Cortex Camera, Naver, Naver Drive, Puffin Browser: Lite, Pro, Free, Comic Glass, Weather Live, Photo Makeover, PicsArt
  2. Fixed Uber, make it look more like the original logo
  3. Fixed Starbucks, looked a little funky
  4. Added VPN and Ethernet to Settings Icons
  5. Attempt at adding support for shuffle tweak (not too sure if this is 100% yet) - MAKE SURE THIS IS UNDERNEATH THE ACTUAL THEME OR IT WILL MAKE APP STORE AND SETTINGS REALLY SMALL
  6. Fixed Offset Sounds, it was missing a folder... should be working now


  1. More stability improvements
  2. Added Kakao Talk, Kakao Pages, Philo, PSVue, Starbucks, Doordash, Dunkin Donuts, CNBC, YI Home Camera, ESPN, theScore, Best Buy, ring, Google, Afreeca TV, Twitch, Soundcloud, Shazam, nPlayer, Naver Cafe, Stardew Valley


  2. Added Facebook Pages, Google Maps, Narwahl, Plan to eat, Due, Google Play Music, SiriusXM, Castro 2, MLB at bat, Pinterest, PUBG, Whisper, ANZ Bank, Bumble, Vodafone, Speedtest, NextThere


  1. Added JW Library, Gogoro, QQ, Line, WeChat, 旺信-阿里旺旺手机版, iTunes Remote, yelp
  2. Added different colored badges: Green, Turquoise, Blue and Pink


  1. Added Picstitch, Blackboard, CARROT Weather, CARROT Hunger, NYtimes, Calm, Streaks, Remote
  2. Fixed Steam app (incorrectly named)
  3. Added Offset Settings Icons
  4. Included some blank icons, just in case anyone wants to use them as placeholders until your Icon Request has been fulfilled


  1. Added Steam, Tinder, Alien Blue, M Bank Poland, LastFM, Whatsapp, Phillips Hue, Uber, Kik, Gmail, Font Manager, PayPal, PayPal Business, PPSSPP, Garageband
  2. Fixed Instagram icon to make it better match the original icon
  3. Decreased the size of the date font in the Calendar app to account for font changes
  4. Added Offset Dock
  5. Changed the look of Icon Badges
  6. Added Offset Sounds
  7. Added Offset Mask (This didn't work very well for me using Anemone, so I added it as a separate add-on)


  1. Initial release


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